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Whitepapers written by Automation Integrated related to our industry.  These are provided for free. We only ask that you fill out brief form with your information so we can identify interest.

Legacy Protocol Niagara Integration

Integration and Security Whitepapers

Over the last six years, AI has integrated over 200 legacy systems, from A to Z.  Consequently, this white-paper takes an integrator or an owner through the integration process. We give you our relevant lessons learned about selling integration services, risk management, cost estimating, controlling risk, service contract sales, master-planning and consolidating your position as the Integrator.  download (pdf) >>


What is an Enterprise System?

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this white paper trying to define what an Enterprise System is. The key idea to take away is an Enterprise System is not a piece of software on a CD or a pretty user interface. An enterprise system is a series of relationships and capabilities coupled with technology.  download (pdf) >>

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