DefCon The ModBus Defrost Controller

The DefCon ModBus Defrost Controller is designed to simplify defrost functions by combining the features of a thermostat and a defrost time clock. The controller can increase refrigeration system flexibilty by allowing remote access. The DefCon can also generate real time alerts when your system is in defrost mode or if temperatures reach undesired levels. The built-in defrost clock may be used to perform time initiated and time terminated defrost cycles 1-4 times daily. The ModBus encapsulated interface makes the DefCon Controller an excellent peripheral technology to deploy with open platform building management systems.

DefCon The ModBus Defrost Controller Designed by
Automation Integrated
in America
DefCon The ModBus Defrost Controller

Key features when used with Niagara AX building automation systems

• 3 multipurpose inputs (configurable as digital input or temperature sensor)
• Increased HACCP compliancy from printable reports
• Power supply 115 – 230VAC 60 Hz
• Allows for temperature vs product case temperature checks
• Cost effective over electro mechanical defrost controllers, 3x longer life
• Remote I/O Sensor
• Air current sensor
• Ability to schedule during peak and non-peak hours
• No time drifting
• Real time alerts and updates
• Easy to use customizable interface
• Can monitor 1 refrigeration unit and up to 3 self-contained units

Key benefits and ROI

The DefCon Modbus Defrost Controller has been carefully designed to insure maximum functionality. DefCon can increase your HACCP compliant rating saving your business money on insurance and inspection fines. The ROI for the controller is the ability to be set during non-peak hours for defrosting. This will allow your business and your employees to concentrate on servicing your customers more effectively and efficiently during peak business hours. DefCon can reduce labor costs by producing digital logs for employees to view during down time. The alarm functionality will allow your business to act quickly if a problem arises with your system. The Defcon controller allows monitoring of three separate temperatures for larger refrigeration units. Each controller can monitor one refrigeration unit and up to three self-contained units. ***Alarm and notification functionality is contingent upon integration with a Niagara building controls system.

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